General requests and work. This is the email you should use 98% of the time.

Rebecca ~ ENG, ITA, FR, ES
Anne ~ ENG, DE, FR
Chi ~ ENG, JP, KO
(corporate assistants and manager)

~ Currently in London (GMT+0)



Work with us! We’re currently recruiting for ai developer and robotics. 
But if you think you’ll fit send anyway.
CV, portfolio and fluent english are mandatory.

Maximillan ~ ENG, FR, ES
(human resources)

~Currently in London (GMT+0)



Hey it’s me! Seriously consider this email, because i’ll do too.
Writing to hey@coolcorp.tech will get your email sent to who really needs to recieve it,
but it’s probably not me.

Federico ~ ENG, ITA, DE

~ Worldwide (GMT is fairly random)


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